Welcome to the North Andover Figure Skating Club

Site updated 09-19-2016


2016-2017 Season


Our 2016-2017 season will begin on October 29th and will run until February 25th.  We are looking forward to seeing our returning members and also some new faces on the ice this year!

The cost per skater is $295.00.  Please use the application on this site under the Forms tab to register.  Checks can be made payable to North Andover Figure Skating Club.  

Please mail your payment and application to:

Diana Balut
46 Island Pond Road
Atkinson, NH 03811 


We greatly appreciate your business!


For questions regarding the club and program, please contact Diana Balut at (603) 498-6259


 Our skating season runs for approximately 15 weeks from October through February.  Please read all information on this page below.

Skaters are required to wear the proper helmet through the basic skills level Basic 2.

Please see all information below.

  Skating lessons are offered to boys and girls of all ages on Saturday mornings only.  Children must be at least 3 years old.  Refunds are subject to an approval process and a $30.00 administration fee will be charged.  The refund will be prorated and will not be issued later than November 26, 2016 for full season members.  

Hours and Levels

10:30AM-11:30AM - All skaters and levels

Skaters are grouped by skill level and strength.  We try to accommodate requests for children with a friend or sibling in the program to skate together as long as they are evaluated to be at a similar skill level.  Badge testing is performed as skaters master the specific elements for each level.  Testing typically takes place in January or at the end of the season for more advanced levels.  Skaters from other USFS Basic Skills Programs will be re-evaluated and placed in an appropriate class according to our professional staff.

 Notice to Parents and Guardians

A parent or guardian must remain at the rink during the entire skating session.  Ice skating can be a dangerous sport.  Skaters can have injuries and other needs (skate or helmet adjustment, bathroom break, etc) that require attention during the session.  Our instructors are restricted to the ice surface for non-emergency concerns.  Our staff is not responsible for children beyond the ice surface unless there is an emergency.


Weather cancellations will be posted to this site at the top of this homepage.  Weather rarely affects the rink schedule.



The North Andover Figure Skating Club is a non-profit organization located at Brooks School in North Andover, Massachusetts.  We offer instruction to many ice skating levels for the youth.  Our program represents the United States Figure Skating Association Basic Skills Badge Program.  The season has been from November to March each year since 1972.
The North Andover Figure Skating Club is beginning its 44th season!  We are looking forward to another great year.  Our staff consists of both Professional Instructors and Instructional Assistants.   It is our goal to ensure that each student receives expertise instruction while having fun. Our final day of skating in late February or early March has an informal exhibition of each class, fun, food, and music for all members to enjoy. 

Required Equipment

Skates should be firm, preferably leather, and sized correctly.  The fit and blade mounting are critical for skaters including beginner levels when learning to skate.  Avoid vinyl and plastic skates if possible.  Please contact Cooke’s Skate Shop (978) 657-7586 in Wilmington for quality skates and information. Prices for figure skates are can range from $70 to over $130. Prices for hockey skates are about $80 and up.  Used skates are available at the shop also. It is best to make an appointment for your skate fitting. It will take approximately 1 - 1 1/2 hours for your fitting.  When you leave, your skates will be made to fit correctly.  Skates purchased at Cooke's will have a stretching option to accommodate growth for another season of wear in most cases.  If your skates are purchased elsewhere, please make sure your child's feet are up straight when standing on the floor.  The skates should be one size smaller than their shoe size.  If the skates feel tight or hurt, it is up to the sports store selling the skates, to make them comfortable without going to a larger size.

Skate care is very important. Wipe the blade after skating with a dry, absorbent cloth. Do not keep skates guards on the blade after skating. This will cause the blade to rust and blacken and affect the performance of the skater. Store the skates in a moisture free area. Sharpening is needed once per season for the weekly skater at our 4 month program.

Skate laces should be comfortably snug on top of the foot and the ankle.  The laces can be a bit looser toward the top of the boot so that only one finger can fit between the boot and the child’s leg.

Helmets must be worn by beginners through Basic Badge 2.  Helmets must cover the back of the head to the nape of the neck similar to hockey or ski helmets.  Bike and football helmets are not allowed. Full coverage helmets are available at most sports stores and are available at Walmart for about $25.00 or less.

Knee and elbow pads are not recommended or required. If necessary due to a prior injury, they may be worn under the jackets and pants.  Plastic knee pads slip on the ice and create difficulty in getting up - if worn on the outside of pants.  If necessary, use the plastic knee pads underneath warm pants and place over the tights or leggings.  Secure pads to allow comfortable knee bend and movement. 

Clothes should be warm and in layers. Snowpants are not recommended. Tights with sweatpants or fleece are the most comfortable for movement and warmth.  Turtlenecks with sweaters, sweatshirts or fleece jackets are recommended. Mittens or gloves are required. Clothing that hangs too loosely or drags below skate level is dangerous and is prohibited.